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To do list pad

Perfect Notepad for all your lists! Whether it's for groceries, your daily tasks, appointment reminders or even leaving a sweet note for your lover.


The to do list pads are available in different themes and colors. There is one for every taste ! The Season collection is inspired by the colours of the 4 seasons and thus comes in 4 models:
  • Summer inspiration: Hibiscus flowers and Champagne
  • Fall inspiration: Pumpkin and chamomile flowers
  • Winter inspiration: Hot chocolate and mimosa flowers
  • Spring inspiration: Cherry blossoms and green tea
The Softness collection comes in 4 models:
  • Francine: A pretty Giraffe on a salmon pink background
  • The Messengers: Pretty dragonflies on a moss green background
  • Blandine: A white swan on a rich turquoise background
  • Cactus: A duo of cacti on a beige and turquoise desert background

The notepad consists of:

  • 75 sheets printed in color on matte paper
  • Dimension 3″ x 7″
  • White cardboard on the back and heat-sealed on the head
  • Optional – magnet on the back!

Photo credit: Maryline Tremblay Photographer


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