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Nadine Blanchette


I am Nadine, owner, creator, graphic designer, idea generator… I am, thus, the one behind all the conception of the stationary La Fabrique à Puce. I am indeed there from the moment there is a sprout of an idea in my mind that I let build up. I will feel it and see the colours and themes take form and I will let it grow in my imagination until I can have it flourish on my screen or my sketching pads.

I have three key words that guide everything I do. Whether it’d be as an entrepreneur, a model or an author.


Creativity is at the heart of my life. I like to see things from a different perspective, to discover and try new things. I like the idea to create something, to make visible an emotion, a memory or a thought that was only an idea within us. Mom always said I was born with a pen in my hand. All my school books were filled with doodles or collages to embellish them. A always have some sort of art project ongoing as I am always curious to try everything.


Yes indeed I am well known to be a rebel at heart that does not like to comply with certain establish rules, or to follow trends like all the crowds. But I am mostly someone that seeks softness. I will thus enjoy a warm cup of coffee cuddled up in a blanket. I love the touch of the grain of the paper under my fingers. I love the esthetic side of softness while everything seems to be harmonized perfectly.


I let myself be guided by what some people refer to as their inner voice. I breathe deeply and let build up in me the idea. Being intuitive allows me to do everything softer and to ease my creativity process. I cannot always explain my logic but I do it with confidence and I appreciate that this allows me to take less conventional roads.

La fabrique à Puce

The boutique was born simply for a personal whimsy. I always adored going to the neighbourhood libraries at school beginning, to go through the aisles, leaf through note books and smell the typical odour of books and paper.

I remember taking time to choose my new stationary box for my correspondence.

With my boutique, I wanted to create this atmosphere of softness and calm that I was getting when shopping. It was for me a sweet and relaxing escape moment and I wanted this to show in my customers experience.

This is why all orders are treated with such care. All of them are wrapped like gifts and accompanied with a hand-written thank you note. All of which are with a friend and accessible customer service.

Thank you for supporting a local business,

Les bonds de puce

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Besides La Fabrique à Puce, I also offer services as a subcontractor to sustain business owner growth. Whether it’d be with project management, customized illustrations, creation or customized product development. I become an ally that can almost do anything, except for coffee!


On May 4, 2023, was the launch of my first book, Blandine, l’Émancipation du cygnet (currently only available in French). For this first adventure in the book industry, I chose to opt for an autobiographical novel with as subject to the search for self-esteem. My book is available in most libraries and on my boutique.

I do have more writing projects in development.


This dream of becoming a model was first experienced as a little one, but I was neither tall enough, strong enough, or too this or too that. But this wish was always there in me, and one day I just decided to go for it. I am now well advanced in my forties, classified as a petite model, I slowly but surely make my way in the industry. Already published in magazines such as Moevir, Selin, Malvie and Marika to name just a few of them. I was also seen in Marcelle Cosmetics campaigns.